Sobre perros y gatos

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21 September, 2016
Sometimes you meet someone who leaves a mark on you, someone who changes your life. That's what...
5 March, 2016
The bond established between a companion animal and a human being can be extremely strong. In...
5 March, 2016

The tasks associated with caring for a pet are also a way of promoting a sense of...

5 March, 2016

His first night at home will no doubt be one your most memorable, either because he...

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15 June, 2016
Two things that are very different by nature. You will discover something surprising...
28 April, 2016
Understand the role that cats play in our homes and how owners and felines relate.
14 April, 2016
A few surprising things that you might not have known!
9 April, 2016
First population-based study in the world to be carried out on the relationship between people...
5 March, 2016

The 12 things you should never do to a cat. At least if you want to get on with him.

5 March, 2016

The tasks associated with caring for a pet are also a way of promoting a sense of...

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Cuenta con ellos estas fiestas
11 December, 2017
Dogs and cats are always there for you. Why wouldn’t you spend the homeliest days of the year...
13 December, 2016
Cats and dogs are not toys, #PetsAreNotToys, they are so much more. They are friends who look...
18 August, 2016
It’s up to us to keep a dog or cat from ending up on the street.
15 July, 2016
There is an increase in the number of lost animals that were reunited with their owners.
9 July, 2016
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2015.
15 April, 2016

Did you know that pets are beneficial for our health? Let the incredible power of pets...

14 April, 2016
In our study on the bond between children and animals, we asked them: What makes dogs happy? Do...
Affinity Foundation Children and Animals 2015 Study White Paper
14 April, 2016

Did you know that 94% of children feel better with a pet nearby?

14 April, 2016

Over 140,000 dogs and cats were recovered in 2014. Data taken from the Affinity Foundation...

9 April, 2016

Thousands of animals are received by shelters every year. This figure has not fallen in...

Infografía del segundo sobre el vínculo 2014
9 April, 2016
Graphic of the Second Scientific Analysis of the bond between people and animals.
5 March, 2016
Microchip identification allows abandonment to be combatted and lost animals to be recovered.


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