The cause

What is #AnimalsAreNotThings?

#AnimalsAreNotThings is the cause that the Affinity Foundation has been defending for years along with other organisations and individuals. The aim? For animals to stop being considered “things” by the Spanish Civil Code, and to be considered living beings with feelings.

Today, the law recognises the capacity of animals to feel and the amendment to the Civil Code guarantees their rights and supports their welfare.

Up to now, animals were considered to be livestock, mere property, and were unprotected in situations of abandonment, seizures, separations, traffic accidents...

After five years of struggle, on 2 December 2021, the Spanish Parliament passed a bill to amend the Civil Code, the Mortgage Law and the Civil Procedure Law, meaning that animals are no longer considered property and are now considered sentient beings.

The Foundation will continue to work for animal welfare, promoting and supporting proposals to improve and defend the rights of dogs and cats.

Always by your side, and now the Law too.

A big change

From now on...

Animals can no longer be subject to seizure.

In the event of divorce, the animal's bond with the petparents is taken into account.

Animal welfare will be taken into account in legal proceedings.

Our campaigns

We tell the story of Max and many animals who suffered the consequences of being considered as things by the Civil Code.

Thank you for your commitment.
Together, we did it!