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9 July, 2016
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2015.
14 April, 2016
Over 140,000 dogs and cats were recovered in 2014. Data taken from the Affinity Foundation...
9 April, 2016
Thousands of animals are received by shelters every year. This figure has not fallen in recent...
5 March, 2016
Microchip identification allows abandonment to be combatted and lost animals to be recovered.
5 March, 2016
Abandonment is one of the most important problems affecting the well-being of pets.
5 March, 2016
The bond established between a companion animal and a human being can be extremely strong. In...
Mi hijo quiere adoptar un perro o gato
5 March, 2016

The bond established between a pet and a child will last a lifetime. It will be the perfect...

5 March, 2016

Sharing out the tasks associated with caring for a pet is an important educational tool that...


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