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Whitepaper Estudio sobre Abandono y Adopción de Animales de Compañía 2017
22 November, 2019
Abandonment is once again the number one small animal welfare problem in Spain. The number of...
22 November, 2019
The number of animals taken in by shelters and animal welfare associations is comparable to...
22 November, 2019
In 2017, we surveyed a representative sample of the French population including 1035 persons...
Infographie Attitudes et perceptions des animaux de compagnie en France 2017
27 September, 2019
Infographics, Perceptions and attitudes towards pets in France in 2017.
20 September, 2019
One in three families shares their life with at least one cat.
9 September, 2019
(“They’d never do it to you”): a study by Fundación Affinity into the abandonment and adoption...
5 July, 2019
He would never do it video. Dogs and cats abandonment and adoption study 2019.
20 June, 2019
A study into dog-assisted therapy in prisons 2016-2017: summary of results
11 June, 2019
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2017
22 May, 2019
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2016.
18 August, 2016
It’s up to us to keep a dog or cat from ending up on the street.


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