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27 June, 2022
Dogs and cats taken in by the animal welfare centres in 2021
21 July, 2021
Dogs and cats taken in by the animal welfare centres in 2020
24 December, 2020
Abandoned and adopted dogs and cats in Spain in 2019.
31 July, 2020
How has the Covid confinement impacted animal shelters?
Whitepaper Estudio sobre Abandono y Adopción de Animales de Compañía 2017
22 November, 2019
Abandonment is once again the number one small animal welfare problem in Spain. The number of...
22 November, 2019
The number of animals taken in by shelters and animal welfare associations is comparable to...
7 November, 2019
Discover our animal assisted therapy programme intended for helping people who have suffered...
9 September, 2019
(“They’d never do it to you”): a study by Fundación Affinity into the abandonment and adoption...
30 July, 2019

Partners are a fundamental source for financing private organisations, which greatly depend...

5 July, 2019
They would never do it video. Dogs and cats abandonment and adoption study 2019.
11 June, 2019
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2017


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