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14 July, 2023
Taking care of him is taking care of you
8 October, 2019
Between 5 and 10% of the general population are allergic to dogs and cats, Allergy to cats is...
7 October, 2019
Hello, newcomer adopters! We are going to give you an overview of the basic considerations...
28 April, 2016
Understand the role that cats play in our homes and how owners and felines relate.
9 April, 2016
First population-based study in the world to be carried out on the relationship between people...
5 March, 2016

Did you know that 70% of people who have a pet claim they understand what their animal wants...

Mi hijo quiere adoptar un perro o gato
5 March, 2016

The bond established between a pet and a child will last a lifetime. It will be the perfect...

5 March, 2016

The 12 things you should never do to a cat. At least if you want to get on with him.

La llegada a casa
5 March, 2016

The memory of your pet arriving home for the first time might be one of the strongest you’ll...

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