Against solitude, an animal

Against solitude, an animal

Although the percentage of families adopting a pet is higher than that of single people, in part due to the fact the former can easily share the responsibilities which come with the care of an animal, single people have many reasons to take the step to be accompanied by a cat or dog:

Unconditional love: Animals do not judge a person's personality, nor their looks or physical abilities. This gives a human greater self-confidence and emotional security. Pets offer their owners the possibility to feel needed, which is a good reason to feel alive.

Perfect health: It has been established in some studies that people who share their life with an animal enjoy better health and visit the doctor's less frequently. Even the simple fact of stroking or embracing a pet reduces stress levels. The relationship between these animals and humans is closely related to greater longevity.

Keeping fit: The daily walks with a dog can be very beneficial for one's physical health. This is especially true for the elderly, who need moderate physical exercise to improve their cardiovascular function and joint health. The daily routine that an animal requires, such as feeding, care, playing and walks, forces someone to stay active, independent of their state of mind.

Less loneliness, better company: In difficult moments, there is always someone waiting at home, ready to offer you a gushing welcome. Without a doubt, this is the clearest example of what it means to fight loneliness.

Socialising agent: Pet animals definitely are social enablers, the perfect excuse to chat with strangers in the street. Many people share enthusiasm and love for animals and having a common interest promotes openness and interaction with other people.

In a study conducted in London and Nottingham in 1983, people would follow the same route first with and then without a dog. The presence of the dog facilitated conversations with strangers, something which never happened when the dog wasn't around. Without a doubt, a highly revealing fact of the power these animals have.

Laughing is healthy: Who owns a pet, laughs more. There is always a reason to laugh, pets infect us with a good mood and this lowers blood pressure. Various studies certify the direct relation between laughing and stress reduction.

As we have seen, there are many reasons to get yourself the company of an animal. They change us into better and less lonely people. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, have an iron constitution or are in poor health, enjoying the company of a pet will help you discover the power of these animals and change your life.