María and her dogs place in her social support system

María and her dogs’ place in her social support system

At age 11, María’s life changed when she was forced to deal with several difficult years as a result of bullying, due to which she ultimately developed an eating disorder. From that point forth, her family’s unconditional support was critical to overcoming what was the biggest challenge she had ever experienced. The support and understanding she received were fundamental in her recovery process. However, María also emphasises her pets’ key role in helping her move forward. To her, her dogs are part of the family, and the emotional bond she has with them has been a source of unwavering support in her life.

María, through her story, shows us that pets can be part of our social support system and play a crucial role.

Today, at age 18, María has become trained in Animal Therapy and holds an intermediate level vocational training certificate in Disability Care.

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