More months of lockdown

Plus longtemps confinés

The state of alert and the lockdown caused by Covid-19 has limited the action of animal shelters, restricting their work and making it difficult for people to approach them. In turn, the number of volunteers has decreased, events have been cancelled and families have had to postpone or cancel adoptions of dogs and cats.

When an animal shelter has economic difficulties, the handling and care of the animals is put at risk. For this reason, associations and foundations stress the importance of the work of volunteers and members to help overcome the financial difficulties associated with the health crisis, because without the work and services they provide, the animals would not have a second chance.

There are many ways to help; find yours

More than 50% of the shelters are receiving less aid. Whether it is on a one-time basis or by becoming a member, a small donation can improve their quality of life. Find out on the website or in the social media of each association.

Half the associations are receiving fewer donations. You can take food to the shelter directly, or do it through the Miwuki Feed Bag.

Toys to stimulate dogs and cats, blankets, leashes, collars, feeders, carriers, etc. There is a lot of material that can make a big difference in the day to day life of a shelter.

The shelters always need people who want to have a good time with the dogs. Go and take them for a walk; they'll love it!

Some shelters may need help with managing their social media. This task is important for raising awareness and seeking further support.

Adoptions have come to a standstill. If you're quite sure about it, adoption is a great option. If you need help choosing your Miwuki partner you can find the perfect match for your lifestyle .

If you can't make a long-term commitment, but you can for a while, you can foster an animal until it is permanently adopted by a family. It will be a great experience!

It doesn't matter if you are a veterinarian, trainer, lawyer, event organiser, etc. Ask the shelter how you can help by contributing your experience and together you will find the way.

Your skills and hobbies can also be useful to shelters. Do you like taking pictures? Are you a handyman? Do you think you could raise funds for this cause? Contact a shelter and offer your best!

The family that adopts our dogs and cats may live a long way from the shelter. If you travel or have a van, help us take them to their new home.

Be the spokesperson of the activities of a shelter or association, spreading their messages in your social media and encouraging your friends and relatives to collaborate.