Our programmes

Demanar imatge Miguel con prince /Programas de Terapias Asistidas de la Fundación Affinity

At the present time, we have 30 therapy programmes, with 42 active dogs distributed throughout Spain in the field of mental health, nursing homes, juvenile centres, Educational Action Residential Centres (CRAE) and prisons.

Buddies Programme

The power of the bond between dogs and children. Buddies is carried out in collaboration with the Direcció General de Atenció a la Infància i la Adolescència (DGAIA) (Directorate General for Child and Adolescent Care of the Government of Catalonia).

Court Dog Programme

Pioneers in Spain in this type of therapy in court. The Court Dog programme is a programme in which dogs are integrated into the court services to help alleged victims of gender-based violence.


More than 700 inmates in 14 Spanish prisons have been able to care for and live with dogs. In 1993, we delivered the first pair of dogs to the prison.

Nursing homes

Animal-Assisted Therapy programmes in nursing homes help to improve the quality of life of the elderly, providing benefits in the treatment of depression and the reduction of feelings of loneliness.

Respect Me programme

This programme aims to combat bullying in schools, helping to create environments of greater respect, integration and collaboration.