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29 November, 2021
As every year, Affinity Foundation wishes you happy holidays next to your dogs and cats!...
10 December, 2019
Sara and Coco have shown us that we already have it.
5 July, 2019
They would never do it video. Dogs and cats abandonment and adoption study 2019.
No es la navidad es con quien la pasas
11 December, 2018
Christmas is a time for parties, presents and carols.
18 October, 2018
Raúl and Bau’s story is a good example of how Animal Assisted Therapies can have a big...
Descubre #AnimalesQueCuran, nuestra causa de este año
13 July, 2018

Affinity Foundation is focusing this year on spreading knowledge about animal-assisted...

Cuenta con ellos estas fiestas
11 December, 2017
Dogs and cats are always there for you. Why wouldn’t you spend the homeliest days of the year...
13 December, 2016
Cats and dogs are not toys, #PetsAreNotToys, they are so much more. They are friends who look...
21 September, 2016
Sometimes you meet someone who leaves a mark on you, someone who changes your life. That's what...
18 August, 2016
It’s up to us to keep a dog or cat from ending up on the street.
15 June, 2016
Two things that are very different by nature. You will discover something surprising...
23 February, 2016

The bond between people and pets is very special. We have carried out a study to find out...

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