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22 November, 2019
The number of animals taken in by shelters and animal welfare associations is comparable to...
22 November, 2019
In 2017, we surveyed a representative sample of the French population including 1035 persons...
8 October, 2019
Between 5 and 10% of the general population are allergic to dogs and cats, Allergy to cats is...
7 October, 2019
A pet animal contributes innumerable benefits to the lives of children. In general the company...
7 October, 2019
Whether we have had animals or not, the simple fact of having been close to them at any moment...
7 October, 2019
Although the percentage of families adopting a pet is higher than that of single people, in...
7 October, 2019
Hello, newcomer adopters! We are going to give you an overview of the basic considerations...
7 October, 2019

Living together with a pet tends to improve the quality of life of people in many ways: it...

Infographie Attitudes et perceptions des animaux de compagnie en France 2017
27 September, 2019
Infographics, Perceptions and attitudes towards pets in France in 2017.
9 September, 2019
(“They’d never do it to you”): a study by Fundación Affinity into the abandonment and adoption...
11 June, 2019
Dogs and cats abandoned, adopted and lost in Spain during 2017


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